Cat Heaven: Purr Cat Cafe Club, Bangkok.

As I mentioned in my last post, I went to Bangkok again - definitely my favourite kind of vacation. I decided not to write a long post each about my whole 4 days there because it was pretty much the same as last time - spa, food, spa, food and more food! However, I did visit a few new places and I would like to share!

So this time I made sure I could visit Purr Cat Cafe Club. Last time, I ran out of time and spent every day after my trip regretting it. We arrived around noon time, after a short walk from Thong Lor BTS station. We followed this map:

First, we were asked to wash our hands and change into slippers and then we were greeted by 40 little kitties! It was cat heaven, the interior was definitely made for cats - the photos to follow will explain ;)

I love how cat accommodating the cafe is!
The cat family tree! There were so many cats that the waiters didn't even remember all of them!
A little cat space for the ones who want a break from human attention hehe

So, the food! We didn't want to eat too much as we had booked a spa session right after this, but the menu was way too cute! We spent around 250 Baht here each (three of us) and we could've chilled for a whole afternoon - well worth the money in my opinion!

We settled for a coffee and brownies and scones to share. The scones here are cat shaped!

And of course, the little kitties around the cafe were adorable!

Just lounging on a bridge, as you do.

Let's count the cats!
Hello sleepyhead!

To my surprise, I didn't find many cat hairs floating around, unlike my own home (my cat has been shedding like a mad cat).
Anyway, this cafe is definitely a hot spot for pretty photos. My friends and I even spent an extra half an hour taking photos outside with their little garden!

At first I found two cat heads on a wall quite freaky, but then I discovered that it's a perfect picture spot haha
The secret little garden outside the cafe!
All I have to say is, I will be back :) Thank you Purr Cat Cafe Club for a great afternoon. Heres my favourite shot to end this blog.


I'm back! Laduree Tea Room, Times Square Hong Kong

I know I've neglected this blog, but thank you all for your support! I came back and was really happy to see the amount of views that I have gained! So now, let's keep this blog going!

Couple of days ago, I went to check out the Laduree Tea Room in Times Square. To my surprise, it was empty when we arrived at noon!

Laduree Tea Room Times Square Hong Kong Macarons Rose Tea Cake

Laduree Tea Room Times Square Hong Kong Macarons

Laduree Tea Room Times Square Hong Kong Macarons

Anyway, we were seated and given a set of menus, including the macaron menu above.
This is what we ordered:

Laduree Tea Room Times Square Hong Kong Macarons Rose Tea Cake
A tea pot each (I had the Laduree Signature Tea), a slice of Rose Tea Cake and a set of 4 macarons.
Now I understand the fuss about Laduree macarons. They were GOOD. I haven't stopped thinking about the Lemon & Rose Pucci macarons since!

Laduree Tea Room Times Square Hong Kong Macarons Rose Tea Cake

I can make macarons - but these flavours are amazing! The marshmallow filling definitely got me!

Laduree Tea Room Times Square Hong Kong Macarons Rose Tea Cake
Tea date with Natalie Portman haha
Laduree Tea Room Times Square Hong Kong Macarons Rose Tea Cake

Laduree Tea Room Times Square Hong Kong Macarons Rose Tea Cake

And yes, I had a haircut a week ago at Hankuk Hair again! Now it is much shorter, I wanted to cut off all the dyed parts of my hair. The ends of my hair still has a little bit of brown but I don't think I could handle any shorter so it'll do for now. Can't wait to say bye-bye to two toned hair!

For now, CIAO! I'm off to Bangkok again tomorrow for a short trip! :)

Summer Haul 2014

I've been on a shopaholic mode recently! Or should I say, I'm just ticking off a lot of boxes on my wishlist! There's been a few things that I've wanted for a long time but hadn't seen a style/colour that I'd like. Well they do say the best purchases are always the spontaneous ones, don't they?!

Samsung NXmini Smart Camera
This was on my Summer wishlist that I made at the beginning of this summer! I was over the moon when I bought it because it was just before my Singapore holiday with my family. For sure, I took many pretty pretty pictures which I will post up later!

samsung nxmini green mint camera
My new Samsung NXmini in Mint Green colour!
CELINE Blue Leather Continental Wallet
After realising my Miu Miu wallet looked too worn out, I changed to a Coach pouch to store all my money. I had never found a wallet I really wanted but I had decided that I HAD to retire my pouch - partly because how unsightly it looked whenever I paid - and that my birthday was clearly a great excuse for this!
Nonetheless, I am in love with my new wallet. I love the brand and the colour and most importantly - a very special person walked around Tsim Sha Tsui for the whole day to help me pick out this wallet as a present.

celine blue wallet present continental

HUNTER Original Tour in Blue Lily
I think all of my close friends know how much I have wanted a pair of Hunter boots. The original tour boots are light and can be folded up for vacation purposes. I was contemplating for a long time whether I wanted to pay so much for a pair of rubber boots but these were on sale at 20% for HK$984 so I thought it was a good deal (although I know that I could get it at a cheaper price overseas). Also, look at the colour - I could feel my pupils turning heart shaped.

hunter boots original tour blue lily

hunter boots original tour blue lily

hunter boots original tour blue lily

OSIM Ushape
Ever since this was launched, I've always wanted to try it out. I think the concept of using the machine to lose weight sounds very appealing because essentially all you do is stand on the board. Now I'm hoping that I wont put on my winter weight this winter!

osim ushape