Cat Heaven: Purr Cat Cafe Club, Bangkok.

As I mentioned in my last post, I went to Bangkok again - definitely my favourite kind of vacation. I decided not to write a long post each about my whole 4 days there because it was pretty much the same as last time - spa, food, spa, food and more food! However, I did visit a few new places and I would like to share!

So this time I made sure I could visit Purr Cat Cafe Club. Last time, I ran out of time and spent every day after my trip regretting it. We arrived around noon time, after a short walk from Thong Lor BTS station. We followed this map:

First, we were asked to wash our hands and change into slippers and then we were greeted by 40 little kitties! It was cat heaven, the interior was definitely made for cats - the photos to follow will explain ;)

I love how cat accommodating the cafe is!
The cat family tree! There were so many cats that the waiters didn't even remember all of them!
A little cat space for the ones who want a break from human attention hehe

So, the food! We didn't want to eat too much as we had booked a spa session right after this, but the menu was way too cute! We spent around 250 Baht here each (three of us) and we could've chilled for a whole afternoon - well worth the money in my opinion!

We settled for a coffee and brownies and scones to share. The scones here are cat shaped!

And of course, the little kitties around the cafe were adorable!

Just lounging on a bridge, as you do.

Let's count the cats!
Hello sleepyhead!

To my surprise, I didn't find many cat hairs floating around, unlike my own home (my cat has been shedding like a mad cat).
Anyway, this cafe is definitely a hot spot for pretty photos. My friends and I even spent an extra half an hour taking photos outside with their little garden!

At first I found two cat heads on a wall quite freaky, but then I discovered that it's a perfect picture spot haha
The secret little garden outside the cafe!
All I have to say is, I will be back :) Thank you Purr Cat Cafe Club for a great afternoon. Heres my favourite shot to end this blog.


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