Summer Haul 2014

I've been on a shopaholic mode recently! Or should I say, I'm just ticking off a lot of boxes on my wishlist! There's been a few things that I've wanted for a long time but hadn't seen a style/colour that I'd like. Well they do say the best purchases are always the spontaneous ones, don't they?!

Samsung NXmini Smart Camera
This was on my Summer wishlist that I made at the beginning of this summer! I was over the moon when I bought it because it was just before my Singapore holiday with my family. For sure, I took many pretty pretty pictures which I will post up later!

samsung nxmini green mint camera
My new Samsung NXmini in Mint Green colour!
CELINE Blue Leather Continental Wallet
After realising my Miu Miu wallet looked too worn out, I changed to a Coach pouch to store all my money. I had never found a wallet I really wanted but I had decided that I HAD to retire my pouch - partly because how unsightly it looked whenever I paid - and that my birthday was clearly a great excuse for this!
Nonetheless, I am in love with my new wallet. I love the brand and the colour and most importantly - a very special person walked around Tsim Sha Tsui for the whole day to help me pick out this wallet as a present.

celine blue wallet present continental

HUNTER Original Tour in Blue Lily
I think all of my close friends know how much I have wanted a pair of Hunter boots. The original tour boots are light and can be folded up for vacation purposes. I was contemplating for a long time whether I wanted to pay so much for a pair of rubber boots but these were on sale at 20% for HK$984 so I thought it was a good deal (although I know that I could get it at a cheaper price overseas). Also, look at the colour - I could feel my pupils turning heart shaped.

hunter boots original tour blue lily

hunter boots original tour blue lily

hunter boots original tour blue lily

OSIM Ushape
Ever since this was launched, I've always wanted to try it out. I think the concept of using the machine to lose weight sounds very appealing because essentially all you do is stand on the board. Now I'm hoping that I wont put on my winter weight this winter!

osim ushape

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