A happy day to remember ft. Hankuk Hair Salon experience

16th August 2014 was a happy day that i'd like to remember. I wanted to write this blog post so that I could relive the memories sometime in the future.

So this day started off with my haircut appointment. I don't cut my hair often - maybe once a year. So this time I decided to visit a korean hair salon called Hankuk Hair Salon that has been very popular recently due to the korean heat that everyone's been having in HK. This hair salon apparently only took bookings so I made a reservation a week in advance for the Tsim Sha Tsui branch.

All the hair stylists in the salon were from Korea and spoke very limited english and canto, but luckily there was a really nice translator. I had a hair stylist called Alex. He was very professional and suggested the perm package and showed me the price as I described to him what kind of hairstyle I wanted. I basically asked for a hair perm with big curls and around 4-5 inches off. I also showed him a picture of the kind of style I wanted.

This is the kind of hair I wanted
I also saw that they had an August promotion for nails so I asked if I could have soak-off french nails as I had spare time on hand. Soak-off nails were half price for Hankuk Hair customers. I paid $200 for this and was very happy with  the result.

hankuk hair salon tsim sha tsui french manicure

hankuk hair salon tsim sha tsui french manicure
I LOVE french tips!
So after the 4 hours of sitting, waiting and having my hair played with. I was done! and very happy with the result.

hankuk hair salon tsim sha tsui
Finished result :)
Its everything that I wanted - big natural curls and a fringe could go any direction that I wanted. Perfect for an indecisive person like me! I was very impressed with Alex as he saw my little habits like always flipping my fringe to the back so he cut my hair so that the layers in the fringe would show out as I flip my fringe. He said he deliberately let my fringe 'free' so that it would look good in all directions.

hankuk hair salon tsim sha tsui
Just demonstrating my fringe flipping!

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