When Hello Kitty meets Iroha Ramen Causeway Bay Hong Kong

I'm sure most girls like cute things - including food! I'm always search for food that's yummy for the tummy as well as pretty for the eyes! I knew I had to visit Iroha Ramen in Causeway Bay when I found out it's collaboration with Hello Kitty!

Here are a few pictures I took when I went to visit. The ramen was delicious, although a little on the saltier side and I was chugging water down after the meal - maybe due to MSG.

The restaurant looked like Hello Kitty vomited all over it - it was definitely the cutest vomit i've seen though!
EVERYTHING had the kitty face on in the restaurant!
Ramen Time!! 
Obviously, before you eat the ramen, you have to take a picture WITH it!
We went to grab a green tea latte from Via Tokyo after lunch as it was right round the corner and I found a frog in my latte!

Hope you enjoyed the photos and the short review! I'll be back with more cute foods that I try out!

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