Short getaway to TAIPEI with grandma - 2014

Every year I set up - and fail - a ton of new year's resolutions. This year, I was really good. It's currently a third way into the year and I have kind of met a couple of my resolutions. I can't describe how great it feels to tick off one of my new year's resolutions.

One of my resolutions was to treat my grandparent's to a holiday!! Yesterday, I got back from Taipei with my grandma and my sister. We didn't really go sightseeing nor shopping - just relaxed around our hotel but it was nice to have some time away with my grandma!

We flew with China Airlines which was better than expected.
Here are a few snaps from my trip. Just a warning - it's mainly food pictures because we didn't do much but eat and gain fat during our 3 day stay in Ximending.

Super massive piece of fried chicken. My sister and I were discussing why people don't eat it with ketchup - and then we bit into it - and then we understood. It is soo good!! Worth the 20 minute wait!
No trip to Taiwan is complete without Lu Rou Fan!
I fell in love with Lu Rou Fan during the 3 days in Taipei.
We stayed at AMBA in Ximending. We had complimentary buffet breakfast every morning. Although the choice of food wasn't great, I was happy that they served food suitable for myself and my poorly grandma (sister did not want breakfast)
My sister and I saw this Matcha ice-cream cone which looks better than it tastes.
I did quite a lot of research before our trip and everyone raved about this Ah-Chung Mee Sua so it was a must try. I have to say it was quite good ~ just dont think about the pig intestines and it will taste better haha 
We went to Addiction Aquatic Development for fresh sushi!
Here's our spread. It all came up to NT$1150 only! It was a very good deal but we definitely ordered too much food - we also had a bowl of scallop rice which was delicious!
Sophisca Chocolates in Ximending.
Second day Breakfast (part 1) - I LOVED the fresh passionfruit! it's been a long time!
I visited TianBa which is a cafe in our hotel - I had their blackberry and elderflower tea.
The pink cup and heart shaped stopper made the drink 10 times better hehe - women are suckers for packaging didn't they say?!
And that's it for now. I did a lot of souvenir shopping for my family back in the UK and HK which consisted of Taiwan sausages and pineapple cakes. I did a bit of shopping for myself too in Watsons so I may do a Taiwan beauty haul later. Till then, toodles!

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