How to properly use facial masks - Things you didn't know about facial masks!

A good facial mask is an essential part of a good pampering session. It hadn't occurred to me that the techniques to facial masks are much more complicated than just the two step sketches in the instructions box until I did research into how paper masks work. Of course, I had to blog about it to share with you all!

Bluebell was trying to remind me not to fall asleep with my mask on!!

The instructions on the back of the packaging are certainly not wrong, but it's definitely incomplete. Here's a few points to remember during your next pampering session.

For paper masks:

1. The best time for paper masks is right before bedtime. As you are sleeping, your skin cells start to repair themselves and the essence absorbs best during sleep.

2. You should take a nice warm bath before your paper mask as the steam from the bath will open up your pores and allow the essence from your paper mask to absorb well.

3. Longer does not mean better. For paper masks, only leave it on for the maximum time recommended. After the time, the paper mask will start to soak up the water in your skin, leaving your skin dry.

For (deep cleansing) mud masks:

1. The thicker your spread the mask the better. Deep cleansing masks work by blocking your pores so the dirt rises to the surface of your skin and will be washed away when you wash your skin - thicker masks do a better job at blocking your pores.

2. For those you can peel off, peel from the bottom of your face upwards, from out to inwards. This way, your skin does not start "drooping" with the direction of how you peel the mask.

Hope these little tips and tricks make your pampering night even better! :)

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