Picnic time!

I've always loved the thought of a picnic; sunshine, grass, red and white checkered blanket, fresh fruits, sandwiches, chatting with friends and family. It wasn't until recently that I realised I have never had a proper picnic! When I was young, I used to take my sandwich out in the garden with my sister to play 'picnic', but I had never had a real picnic. So, I decided to date my friend (more like a sister), Crystal, for a picnic!

As I had no idea where we could go, Crystal chose on Tamar Park near Admiralty. The weather was not great - cold and slightly windy but we still had lots of fun together; eating, chatting, laughing, chilling.

hong kong picnic tamar park
This was our view! Looking upon the Hong Kong harbour!
hong kong picnic tamar park
Crystal and I posing for her fun little tripod!
hong kong picnic tamar park
We were so excited! I felt like I had reunited with grass!haha
Our spread!
I prepared the food and I just wanted to keep it fresh and simple. We had ham and cheese sandwiches, for Crystal, and tomato, onion and avocado sandwiches for myself. Also, crackers, grapes, strawberries and caramel cupcakes that I made earlier that week. Oh and also featuring Pret A Manger's skimmed rose tea latte!

Cath Kidston polaroid!!
Of course, we took a lot of pictures! Well that's what girls do on a picnic! We also filmed two tag videos! As I am an awful video editor, Crystal will kindly upload the video!

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