Edible Craftings: Baby Donald Duck Macarons!

I know a lot of people really enjoy my edible craftings blog posts. I have quite a few macarons and cakes and cupcakes I've made in the past half year I haven't posted yet. So here's one to get me started with these posts again.

baby donald duck macarons

These took me forever to make and required a lot of effort and concentration - but are definitely worth it. I am aware that my icing could be a little more smoother but that's what makes it all so homemade right?!

baby donald duck macarons

I love how there's so many little poses my baby Donalds are making! I would surely cry if I received these as a gift!

baby donald duck macarons

And here's a picture of all of my baby Donalds that came in one batch! Hope you enjoyed these pictures and feel free to comment on this post telling me which is your favourite Donald pose!

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