Bangkok Christmas Trip 2014 - Day 3

Day 3 was a relaxing one. We started the day with a Full Spirit spa package at Let's Relax Spa.This package includes a body scrub, body wrap, aroma oil massage and foot reflexology. I tried this package last time I visited Bangkok and I totally fell in love with it!

Before we started the package, we were given a range of body scrubs and massage oils to choose from! My friend and I both chose coffee scrub and green tea oil. The different scrubs had served for different purposes. Coffee was for firming, orange was for whitening, honey was for dry skin, and I can't remember the other choices but they were for sensitive skin, oily skin etc.

The choice of oils and scrubs at Let's Relax Spa
After our spa package!! I was so relaxed!!
One reason why I love this package so much?! Complimentary mango sticky rice and tea afterwards!
Complimentary Mango Sticky Rice at Let's Relax Spa
This package was around 2700Baht for 2 hours 45 mins which is good value for money I think!

Auntie Anne's Cheesey Pretzels
Shh! But I was still up for food after the mango sticky rice so we stopped by Auntie Anne's for cheese and ham pretzel bites! These were alright - not amazing though.
We then went to try out the much raved about Hainanese chicken rice near Platinum mall.

Hainanese Chicken Rice - DELICIOUS! 
Pork neck - my friend's favorite!
I totally understand the rave! We ordered one chicken rice to share and it was clearly not enough, but we were planning to have a second dinner later. The spicy sauce that came with it made it very tasty! Be sure to eat at the hainanese chicken rice with the pink shirt waitresses!

And I've realised just now that this blog post is going to be full of food pictures - oh well who doesn't love food?! 
Here's a dessert my friend introduced to me in the Platinum Mall food court. To be honest I was really not keen on it. But oh my oh my! It was yum! I think the pink balls are water chestnut tapioca balls?

Dinner no.2 was next and I was sure to go to Food Loft foodcourt in Central World! I love their tom yum!!
A very clean and delicious food court! - Food Loft.
Tomyum noodles, red curry and rice.
It was already late, but we were keen to see the Bangkok skyline at night. We went to Cloud47 bar afterwards. One reason why we chose Cloud47 was because it was apparently the most affordable rooftop bar in Bangkok. We were all about being affordable in our trip as my friend is still a student!

We didn't even want to stay on our seats as the view was so mesmerizing. I was totally sucked in. The live band was nice and we saw a lot of locals as well as tourists.
It was such a nice end to the day. When we got back to our hotel, we had a surprise waiting for us! Thank you Doubletree for sending us a fruit basket!hehe - I love fruits!

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