Bangkok Christmas Trip 2013 - Day 4 & 5

I had been looking forward to day 4 for the whole trip. We were heading off to Chatuchak (JJ) market!!! WOOHOO!! This was a market full of affordable goods - pottery, clothes, foods and even pets!
First, we had to fuel up!! This was my typical holiday breakfast.

We arrived at Mo Chit BTS. It was crazy! There were so many people - we looked down to the streets and it was packed!

But then, we hadn't realized that it was still early. A later picture will show your what "packed" really means!
I've just realised that I didn't take many pictures of the market because I was vlogging more. So you'd have to watch the vlog (below) to get a feel of the market!

However, it wouldn't be me if I didn't take a picture of my food. First, it was coconut ice-cream - well, and second (we had it twice because it was that good!!)

Coconut ice-cream served in coconut shells.
Toppings! I believe it's sweetcorn, nata coco and I can't remember the rest - oops!

We tried another store because we saw a long queue - that had to mean it was better!!! (and it was!)
We had free coconut juice with it too.
Next, we tried the famous Choconana, which is essentially frozen banana dipped in chocolate, something I could make at home. It wasn't anything surprising.

I chose peanut.
I bought some tiered cake plates for my baking and some mini bits and bobs. We only survived 2 hours in the market as it was so hot and sweaty and jam-packed with people. However, that was well enough! my friend and I were really good shoppers - we knew what we wanted and went to search for those things.

Now, THIS is what we call PACKED with people.
We quickly went back to our hotel to drop off our shopping and then we went back out to Let's Relax Spa to enjoy a two hour thai massage! I requested for a hot herbal compress with my thai massage for an extra 200baht - it was well worth it!

Clean feet for the massage!
A quick picture before our massage
As it was out last full day in Bangkok, we were very happy to try new things! We went to the food court to try Durian sticky rice. It sure did leave us smelly for quite a while!

Durian sticky rice
After, we went for a last little walk around Terminal 21 and then headed to Siam to check our the Siam Paragon food court. I had a red seafood curry with rice. My friend had tom yum noodles. It was so-so only. But kind of cool that we were eating in front of a fish tank (not pictured).

As our last night in Bangkok, we had a walk around and I snapped some pictures of interesting things.

Hello Kitty bow on top of the McDonald's sign!
I'm such a creeper but we saw him on the BTS platforms everyday - so handsome!!!
 And of course, like every other holiday, our last night was dominated with packing up! There's not much to update from then on. I would just like to say, I LOVE BANGKOK! I shall be back!!hehe

Bought some souvenirs for my grandparents (and one for myself) at the airport! Mango sticky rice!!!! I loved it! 
I HAD to post this - it was the most delicious plane food ever! Chicken and rice, salad, bun and a coffee dessert! I couldn't stop eating it. Well Done Thai Airways!

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